John Ranking Waddell, also known as Rankin, is an acclaimed photographer from the UK. He has captured the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Daniel Craig and David Bowie. He has also worked with big names like Nike and L'Oreal. Known for being able to capture the personality of his subjects he is the perfect photographer to capture the 2019 Mazda3. The images Rankin captured for the Soul Red Crystal Mazda3 Sport and Machine Grey Mazda3 sedan are stunning.
"Rankin has a wonderful way of capturing the car as art," said Mazda Europe's Director of Design Jo Stenuit. "You can’t work with an artist and then constrain their art, and this is about two brands coming together to create beautiful art."
Watch some behind-the-scenes footage, as well as the photos themselves, below.

Each of the photos: Release, Liberation, Zeal, Serenity, Panache and Verve (displayed in the order below) were not manipulated at all. Each photo has a sense of motion in it but the vehicles were completely stationary. This is achieved by moving the camera while taking a shot of the car. It's a technique known as long-exposure photography and often creates streaks of light when objects are in motion. Each of the photos is displayed below.