The Angevaare Mazda All- Weather Accessory Sale -  A special sale on accessories for current and classic Mazda Models

We are currently having a sale on some classic Mazda Accessories. From Hood Deflectors for classic vehicles like the Mazda MPV to accessories for the Mazda 2.  We have a very limited quantity* of each and we have them priced to sell. This is the perfect opportunity to add a little something extra for your classic Mazda vehicle.


 Be sure to contact Jeff Fredenburg in the service department for further details or to make your purchase.

Contact Service  @ 705 741 1030 ext. 213   or   email:

Demo Accessorry Clearance Sale - Special Pricing on 2013 -2016 Accessories
1x Mazda 3 All Weather Mats for 2014 -2015 vehicles at $99.95
5x CX-5 Cargo Trays for 2013 - 2016 vehicles at $99.95