Entrust your Mazda to the foremost Mazda Service Centre in Peterborough and beyond - bringing your Mazda to Angevaare Mazda is the smart choice for expert, affordable maintenance and repair of your Mazda or off-make vehicle.

A well-functioning vehicle means a satisfied driver, and Angevaare Mazda is the perfect source for genuine Mazda after-sales service as well as original manufacturer's parts and accessories. Your Mazda is a very intricate, highly sophisticated driving machine operating on four well-balanced wheels; but it's subjected to a wide variance of outside influences that can affect its performance and longevity.

Our job is to keep your Mazda in optimum condition and ensure each part performs to its maximum level. Mazda engineers have established a maintenance schedule that, when followed, will help keep your Mazda vehicle running in tip-top shape.

Angevaare Mazda, with factory-trained technicians and genuine Mazda parts, is the place to get guaranteed, convenient, expert Mazda service at a fair price.



How you drive and maintain your Mazda will help to protect your investment and keep your repair costs down.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Check your tire pressure regularly
  • Use a block heater in winter    
  • Drive at posted speed limits
  • Avoid long periods of idling
  • Check engine oil level regularly   
  • Keep a buffer zone between cars      
  • Avoid heavy acceleration and excessive engine revving
  • And of course... Drive safely

Remember, a poorly maintained vehicle consumes more fuel! Make sure as well to have your maintenance booklet validated by a service personnel employee each time a scheduled maintenance service is performed.

Unique driving conditions do exist in Canada and often these conditions include:

  • Driving on dusty or rough roads
  • Driving on icy roads
  • Driving in cold temperatures
  • Driving with extended use of brakes (on winding roads or in mountainous areas)
  • Driving in hot weather conditions 
  • Trailer towing

Because of these reasons, the maintenance schedule is tailored to these unique Canadian conditions to assure your vehicle gets the proper care and service.



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