“Mazda was of course on my list. My reasoning for that was three fold. I already knew that I liked the look of their vehicles,

Mazda had been ranked the safest brand on the market, and I
knew they were affordable.”

Melissa’s Mazda Experience

To explain why I considered Mazda, I first have to share a little bit about my first and previous car, Barbie (yes, I did in fact name my car). The car was a Chevrolet Malibu, and it was a part of my life for 5 great years, but Barbie was getting old and needed a lot of repairs. I couldn’t keep up with the work that needed to be put back into the car, and that’s when I knew it was time for me to upgrade. When I started my search I had three local dealerships on my list that I had to visit before I could make any decisions. All three of the dealerships carried a different brand, and Mazda was of course on my list. My reasoning for that was three fold. I already knew that I liked the look of their vehicles, Mazda had been ranked the safest brand on the market, and I knew they were affordable. Affordability was the main reason they made my list, and I had a feeling that with Mazda’s help, I could find a great brand new vehicle at an even better price.

As MaryBeth mentioned, she got her Mazda back in October, which was a few months before I got mine. Even though Mazda had already made my list of brands to consider, MaryBeth was my direct link to the Angevaare Mazda dealership. She ranted and raved about the wonderful experience she had with the whole dealership, as well as with her car salesmen, Jason. As soon as she found out I was looking for a new vehicle, she told me that I just had to go test drive a Mazda, and that when I went in I should ask specifically for Jason. I knew MaryBeth would never steer me wrong, so that’s exactly what I did!

When I went searching for vehicles, I knew that I was looking for something that would be big enough to take my dog on trips with me. I have a Cockapoo, so I didn’t need something as big for him but I still wanted the SUV feel, and comfortability was important. After a couple of test drives and ruling out the other dealerships in town, I came to find that the Mazda CX-3 was the perfect fit for me. There was enough space in the back for my dog, it checked off all the boxes for style and design, and the best part? It was super affordable. I’ve been told before that I have champagne taste on a beer budget but finally, I would be restricted by that no more! To showcase this champagne taste, I wanted my new car to feel just like a luxury vehicle. Originally I wanted my CX-3 to be black, but after some convincing, I went with meteor grey to mask the show of dirt on the vehicle, as I knew I would be travelling with it a lot. Along with the exterior luxury look, came the interior design, jet black with red accents. The car as a whole has a really sporty feel, and it is so fun to drive, which made road trips this summer much more enjoyable.

An outdoor home theater Melissa set up to watch some movies with her pet dog.

I had a lot of fun this summer attending music festivals and  traveling all over Ontario, all the while having a dependable vehicle to get me to many of Peterborough’s networking events and my client meetings for XXIV Social. I have used my CX-3 as an outdoor home theatre, and a mode of transportation for a number of places around Ontario, including Barrie, Ontario’s Serengeti, cottage country, Goderich, and of course, the Havelock Jamboree. The funniest part about attending that country music festival was sleeping in the back of the CX-3. It definitely wasn’t the worst sleep I’ve ever had… you can put the back seats down flat, lay out some memory foam and a comforter, but full disclosure, although comfortable, it isn’t like any king sized bed. The CX-3 is also great on gas, so going from traveling on the weekend, to my daily travels from home to work, and meetings during the week was no big thing. I never have to fuel up more than once a week (unless I go a far distance on the weekend, of course). I also always feel safe in my vehicle, even when I encounter torrential downpour, which not only happened to me once but twice this summer!

I would have to say that the best part of my #MazdaSummer was getting to enjoy my Mazda with my friends and family. The memories that were created this summer will last a lifetime, and I am just so happy that my new Mazda CX-3 helped to make them happen! So thank you Angevaare Mazda for providing us with an experience worth sharing. We love our Mazdas and can’t wait for many more #MazdaSummers to come!

Two pet dogs sit in front of a Mazda CX-5.