In March 2007, Mazda announced a plan, detailing the company's long-term vision for technology development. From actively recycling components of our vehicles to leveraging cutting edge technology to reduce our vehicles emissions, we are committed to achieving "an exciting, sustainable future for cars, people and the Earth."

Promoting vehicle recycling

Mazda is actively engaged in recycling plastic automobile parts. We focus in particular on recycling bumpers, and have created bumper-to-bumper recycling technology for these large plastic parts. This technology is capable of recycling not only damaged bumpers, but also end-of-life vehicle bumpers to be used as material for new bumpers.


Automobile catalytic converters are comprised of precious metals that turn harmful emission gases into harmless ones when gases are exposed to the surface. Through single-nanotechnology, Mazda is focusing on exposing as much of the surface as possible and reducing consumption of precious metals.

Unique painting technologies
The Aqua-tech Paint System reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) by 78 percent compared to Mazda's previous oil-based paint systems without increasing energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions. (Our previous paint system was already one of the lowest of any paint system in the world.) Now, with some of the lowest levels of both VOC and CO2 emissions, Mazda's Aqua-tech is one of the most environmentally friendly automotive paint systems in the world.