The redesigned 2019 Mazda3 is definitely a head-turner. Throughout the design process Mazda's team of Takumi (master craftsmen) wanted to create a truly standout vehicle, and so the concept of a "...Read More


After 30 years and with more than 1 million examples sold, Mazda feels that the MX-5 is no longer its own creation. It belongs to the fans around the world who have supported the development of th...Read More


At Mazda, we pride ourselves on building more than just machines that get their passengers from A to B. We believe that a car can be a work of art in both how it looks and how it feels to drive it...Read More

The new Mazda 3 will be equipped with i-ACTIV AWD capabilities. Our revolutionary SKYACTIV-X engine will make its debut within the near future. There are 2 new developments that apply exclusively ...Read More

“In Japanese culture red symbolises strength and passion, and with this in mind, great efforts are made into making our red as vibrant as possible. “   Passion in Design and Colo...Read More

“Carfax gives you a clearer idea of the condition of the vehicle and how it was maintained in the past so that you can make a confident and informed decision and do not get any surprises dow...Read More

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