In a perfect world we would never have to worry about our vehicle’s warranty coverage. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and at times things do not work as intended. So, manufacturers back their products with warranties. This gives you the piece of the mind that, should your product get damaged due to malfunction, the manufacturer covers it. This is how they do their part to ensure that you receive the true value for the money you paid for the product.
A car is a big investment and as a result it is a good thing that they have warranties. Warranties exist to ensure that your vehicle not only operates as it should but that you do not have to pay for when it doesn’t. Roadside Assistance helps should your car break down. Anti perforation coverage ensures your vehicle still looks great years into its service. All-in-all Warranties are a good thing to have.
As with all industries warranties are not made equal. The car industry is no different. At Mazda, we are proud to be the provider of Canada first and only Unlimited Mileage warranty of its kind. Allowing you to worry less about how far you are driving and focus more on enjoying the drive itself.
Below is a chart illustrating how we stack up against our competition.
Chart comparing Mazda's Unlimited Mileage warranties to other manufacturer warranties.