“So thank you Angevaare Mazda for providing us with an experience

worth sharing. We love our Mazdas and can’t wait for many more
#MazdaSummers to come!”


Hi! We’re MaryBeth & Melissa from XXIV Social,  a social media management agency located in the heart of Peterborough, and we have the privilege of being guests writers here on Angevaare Mazda’s blog this month.
If you’re not sure what we mean by “social media management agency”, let us break it down for you. In today’s world, businesses simply can’t survive without a presence on social media. Whether a business chooses to live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or some other platform, it’s absolutely crucial that they use at least one of these social tools to communicate with their audience. If they don’t, we can almost guarantee that it won’t be long until one of their competitors does. This is where we come into the picture… we help businesses use social media effectively, and efficiently, whether that means creating brand awareness, driving traffic to a website or storefront, or closing sales online.

Mary Beth and Melissa with their lovely pet dogs.

You might be wondering what a business like ours has to do with driving a Mazda, but here’s the thing… just like many businesses couldn’t survive without social media, ours couldn’t survive without our vehicles. Being a startup company in our line of work, we’re constantly driving to meet with clients, attend networking events, and get to wherever we need to be to make sure our deadlines are met. Without a reliable and dependable vehicle, travelling all over Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes would be pretty much impossible.

Within the last year, both of us have purchased vehicles from Angevaare Mazda, and we can safely say that we’ve enjoyed every moment of the cruising (and working) we’ve done since. Our experiences at the dealership, driving our vehicles, and enjoying a true #MazdaSummer have been totally share-worthy, which brings us here, to this blog. First and foremost we wanted to talk about why we picked Angevaare Mazda, but also share with you why our #MazdaSummer was so special to each of us.

MaryBeth’s Mazda Experience

I began my new car shopping experience almost a year ago to the day. I had been saving money throughout the summer to put a small down payment on a car, and knew that I wanted to get something before my 24th birthday at the end of October. I conducted my whole shopping experience very diligently. I wanted to take my time, look at all of my options, and not rush into making an impulse decision (which would be all too typical for me). So that’s what I did. I started by asking my family members, friends, and colleagues what they thought about the various SUV options currently on the market. More than once, Mazda’s name was brought up.

Next steps involved visiting almost every dealership in town, and narrowing it down to my top three choices based on appearance, affordability, and one of the biggest factors for me… the salesperson. In my opinion, I was pretty upfront with the salespeople I talked to. I told them I was looking for a car that had a lot of trunk space, a nice interior, navigation, and that was pretty much it. To my surprise, more than half of the people I talked to still wanted to try to sell me on features like horsepower, torque, etc., etc., etc. (as you can tell, I wasn’t really paying attention). The nice thing about the folks at Angevaare Mazda was that they focused on the things that were important to me, and helped me find exactly what I needed.

I did three test drives in total but made my decision and was back at Angevaare Mazda within a week to sign the papers. I was told by a colleague that I would likely find all the cars I test-drive to be pretty similar, but I couldn’t disagree more. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly I liked so much better about the CX-5, but something sold me right away. Being the picky person that I am, I insisted on the navy blue with white leather interior (it just looks so good!) and had my car brought over from a dealership in Durham the following week.

I’ve been driving my Mazda for almost a year now, and have already made a ton of great memories, some of which include piling my friends in for a long-weekend-red-eye-road-trip to Nashville, loading up the back with belongings to move into my newly purchased first home, using the trunk space as a tent-substitute, and piling in the dogs and lawn games for a number of summer backyard parties. Having a car like this has been perfect for my lifestyle. Between working three jobs, trying to get settled in a new house, training an 8 month old puppy, and trying to maintain a social life, I really never know where I might need to be next, and what (or who) is going to need to come with me. For anyone else living a life as crazy as mine, I definitely would recommend checking out a Mazda as your next vehicle of choice.

MaryBeth definitely had a summer packed with memories, and we are happy that her Mazda was part of them. In Part II, Melissa tells us how she used her CX-3 as a mode of transport, a bed and a home theatre.

PART II – Melissa’s Mazda Summer

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