Front view of a Metallic Grey 2019 Mazda3

During the winter months a lot of car owners like to pull back the wipers of their vehicles. This prevents snow and ice from accumulating on them, which can cause damage to the wipers if they are activated with heavy amounts of snow on them. The wipers of the 2019 Mazda 3 and Mazda3 Sport lay slightly below the hoodline of the vehicle. This is reduces the amount of wind drag caused by the air travelling passing through the windshield wipers. Placing them below the hoodline allows air to travel above, improving aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. To pull the wiper blades back in the 2019 Mazda3 requires one to place the wipers into Service Position.

Placing the wipers into Service Position is a 3-Step Process

  • Put the car into auxiliary mode.
  • Turn the car completely off.
  • Place the wipers into the 'mist' position twice within 30 seconds of turning off the vehicle.

With the wipers in the Service Position one can pull them back like they would on another other vehicle.

Placing the Wipers Back Into their Normal Position

IMPORTANT: Before placing the wipers back into their normal position one must ensure that the wipers are against the windshield while in Service Position and NOT locked back.

Placing the wipers back into their normal position is a simple two-step process:

  • Either put the car into auxiliary or turn start the engine.
  • Place the wipers into the 'mist' position once.

This returns the wipers to their normal operating position safely and securely.

Please watch the video below for a visual tutorial of how to place the wipers of the 2019 Mazda into Service Position.