2023 Mazda CX-50

Go where the road takes you. Or even where it doesn't.

The 2023 Mazda CX-50 is Mazda's first production vehicle designed to take you where you want to go, even if there is no road to take you there. The CX-50 embraces the outdoors, and feels at home in Canada's dynamic terrain. All without sacrificing on-road driving dynamics and comfort. Standard with i-Activ All-Wheel Drive and Mazda intelligent Drive Select to keep you connected to the terrain, Mazda Connected Services to keep you connected to your vehicle, and a panoramic moonroof to keep you connected to the outside world. Now available at Angevaare Mazda.


The power produced by a turbocharged energy usually comes with increased inefficiency, as a result the idea of a turbocharged engine that is both powerful and fuel efficient may sounds impossible. The optional Skyactiv Turbo engine gives you the power to go where you want, and with a towing capacity of 3500 lbs the power to bring your toys with you. However, our persistent and passionate team of Mazda engineers worked tireless to ensure that Mazda's Skyactiv-G 2.5 T Dynamic Pressure Turbo engine was powerful while still providing industry leading fuel efficiency. By supplying exhaust gas to the turbine more efficiently at both low and high engine loads, this marvel of engineering provides incredible torque very smoothly across the rev range.

Mazda Connected Services

Stay connected to your Mazda from anywhere you have cellular service. Thanks to integration with the MyMazda app, Mazda Connected Services offers a far wider range of use, when compared to traditional key fob-activated remotes. Access your vehicle’s health report, remotely start your engine, lock and unlock the doors and trunk, and a lot more – all through your mobile device.

i-Activ AWD with Mi-Drive

i-Activ AWD delivers a surefooted solution for Canada’s varied terrain and weather conditions. Using a myriad of sensors to monitor everything from outside temperature to steering load, which are used for acceleration and braking patterns, i-Activ AWD forecasts when you’ll need better road grip, and delivers the traction you need at the precise moment you need it. The Mazda intelligent Drive Select (Mi-Drive) allows you to to select the best driving experience for the terrain, making the CX-50 handle naturally and predictably in on-road and off-road conditions.


Comfortable and capable.


Freedom to be where you want to be. Go where the road takes you. And then go beyond.

Mazda Canada's Unlimited Mileage Warranty



The Mazda CX-50 is backed by the best warranty in Canada. Drive as much as you want, where you want. We've got you covered.