Mazda MX-5 & MX-5 RF

Winner of the World Car of the Year Award, the MX-5 Miata is the perfect embodiment of the phrase "Zoom-Zoom." This iconic sports coupe is famous in the automotive market and known for its speedy performance abilities. The MX-5 RF offers refined modern look with the all weather convenience of a hard top vehicle, while the MX-5 offers a more traditional soft-top which provides a more wide-open driving experience with the top down.

The 2021 Mazda MX-5 RF has three trim levels within its model lineup: the GS-P, the GT, and the limited edition 100th Anniversary model. The Mazda MX-5 (soft top) has four trim levels for 2021: the GS, the GS-P, the GT and the 100th Anniversary model. Each of these trims have specific features and technologies with which they come equipped, but all have the 181 horsepower 2 litre Skyactiv-G engine and rear-wheel drive. A feat of engineering, this four cylinder provides amazing performance and great fuel economy.

The Art of Drive and Design

From the shape of its headlight to the leather trimming of its bucket seats, every last detail of the MX-5 is crafted to look, act, and feel as though the vehicle is an extension of its driver.

Perfectly Balanced

The 50/50 weight distribution is topped of by the fact that the vehicle is the perfect balance of weight, power, design, luxury and most importantly, engaging driving dynamics.

A Thrilling Driving Experience

Top up or top down the Mazda MX-5 RF is an amazing driving experience. Put your headphones on and experience the sights and sounds of driving the MX-5 RF through the city of London.

Key Features  

  • Built on Generations of Engineering Excellence
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System
  • Striking, Award-winning Design
  • i-ACTIVSENSE Safety Suite