Vehicle detailing

Make your vehicle look like new!

Do you miss that feeling you had when you first picked up your beautiful new vehicle? Everything spotless, both inside and out. Our team of professional detailers with years of industry experience can help bring your vehicle back to looking new. With packages to suit every budget, plus some add-on services that can truly make your ride look its absolute best. Contact our Service Department to book your appointment!

Silver Detail Package

The Silver Package is a great way to freshen up the look of your vehicle without investing an afternoon of your own time and money! Plus we use top quality professional-grade products. Includes an exterior hand wash and dry, glass cleaning, tire dressing, interior wipe down, and a hand application of premium wax. Your car will love you for it!


Gold Detail Package

The Gold Package includes all the services of the Silver Package, but really gets down to some serious deep cleaning and gets to the spots many others may miss. Our professional detailers will remove bugs and road tar, deep clean the tires, rims, and wheel wells, clean the door jambs, and shampoo, steam clean, and deodorize the interior. Please note vehicle will need to be kept overnight.


Platinum Detail Package

The Platinum Package includes all the services of the Gold Package, plus an engine bay cleaning and dressing for that car show quality detail. Your ride will look just as good under the hood as the day you picked it up!

Please note that your vehicle will need to stay over night with this package.


Interior Deep Clean Only

Most people would rather not deal with their car's interior. Let our professional detailers vacuum, shampoo, steam clean, and deodorize your car's interior, and wipe down all surfaces with a gentle cleaning agent by hand. You won't believe it's the same car when you get it back! Please note this will require an overnight stay for your vehicle.

*  a $50 surcharge will be applied for excessive pet hair, salt deposits, or stains



These services can be added to our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages - for those rides that need (and deserve!) a little extra attention.

Ceramic Coating

Our professional detailers will apply the latest in vehicle paint protection - ceramic coating. This provides a tougher barrier between your vehicle's paint and the elements than a traditional wax. The effects of bug and tar deposits, bird droppings, UV rays, and environmental pollutants are minimized or eliminated. The coating can last for years, unlike the weeks or months of a traditional car wax.


Paint Buffing

Even with our best efforts, over time paint will show some signs of physical or chemical damage. Mechanical paint buffing with a light cutting compound applied by our professional detailers will help reduce or remove swirl marks, light scratches, and many kinds of paint contaminants which can dull the appearance of your vehicle.

$25 / panel